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Xact by Rambøll — Stakeholder intelligence

For over 20 years, we have helped our clients gather knowledge about their stakeholders — customers, citizens, colleagues, shareholders, users, patients, students, etc. Knowledge that has created the basis for sustainable transformation in companies, institutions, organizations, and in society.

If you have ever filled out a questionnaire in Denmark or Scandinavia, there is an overwhelming probability that you have already used the Xact system before.

  • 5 – minutes. That’s how little times passes between one survey being completed and another started with Xact by Rambøll

SurveyXact has been the market's leading questionnaire system for many years, and today a survey is sent out via SurveyXact once every 5 minutes.

But Xact by Rambøll is more than SurveyXact — more than a questionnaire system. Today, the Xact family includes a number of solutions that help public and private companies organize knowledge gathering, analyze data, and translate it into concrete initiatives and transformations that make a difference.

We call it Stakeholder Intelligence — knowledge about those who are important for you and your business


Stakeholder intelligence is about acquiring, displaying, and using relevant knowledge about relevant stakeholders at the right time. With Xact by Rambøll, you’re assured the market's best solutions for gathering knowledge about your stakeholders — here and now.

But Stakeholder intelligence is more than one-off surveys.

Real transformation is created when the knowledge collection and analysis is put into a larger context and supports the business strategy — even as far as five years in the future.

Therefore, stakeholder intelligence at Xact by Rambøll covers everything from large, annual measurements of employee engagement and small, frequent pulse measurements, through insights into customer churn or NPS to various self-assessment tools where companies can see, for example, how their work relates to the UN's world goals.

In Stakeholder Intelligence, we draw on expert knowledge within a wide range of industries and sectors, and with our experience, expertise, and presence in four countries, we always put together a project team that supports your specific needs, your market, and your goals.

Sustainable Business, Sustainable Change

As a part of Rambøll, we dedicate ourselves to reducing our climate footprint, to contributing to a coherent society with equal rights and opportunities for everyone, and to promoting a culture based on quality, well-being, and equal opportunities for all our employees.

We are committed to EDI — Equality, Diversity, Inclusion — when we hire. Not because we have to. But because it makes sense — for us and for the world around us.

And we take our role in society seriously. Both as a company but also as the tool for change that we are.

We know that our solutions have a big impact on how social institutions and companies structure their offers to society and the people in it. Therefore, ethics and sustainability are always part of our considerations when we develop and sell our solutions.