University of Copenhagen & University of Agder

We just need a solution that can do everything…

The University of Copenhagen and the University of Agder are two of the higher education institutions that use SurveyXact. What they all have in common is a high number of users – at the University of Copenhagen alone, there are almost 4,000 unique users of SurveyXact.

At the same time, these users also have very different requirements. Some are students who need a limited amount of data for an assignment. Others are researchers who need to manage a huge amount of data over several years. And then there are administrative staff who wish to measure satisfaction in relation to everything from courses in moral philosophy to the quality of the canteen food.

In other words, the way in which universities use SurveyXact provides ultimate proof of the system's flexibility.

The universities use:

  • Development of complex question types for research questions.

  • Distribution of invitations via SMS.

  • Single login system using Where Are You From (WAYF)


For more information

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