— when your surveys need that little bit extra

Tailor-made solutions for your project

From complexity to sustainable transformation

Xact by Rambøll delivers three market leading, user-friendly systems that enable you to independently collect, analyze, and disseminate knowledge about any and all relevant stakeholders. 

But for some studies you may find you need something more — either due to a lack of time and know-how in your organization, or because your project is simply complex.

For that purpose we have developed a number of optional products and consulting services, so that together we can tailor your solution in precisely the way that best supports your particular project.

We call it ProjectXact, and its purpose is help you with perspective, analysis, benchmark, and follow-up — in short, to translate complex data collection and knowledge gathering into sustainable transformation.


Your project — our depth of experience

With ProjectXact you’re assigned a permanent advisor and sparring partners, or when the project demands it, a permanent team that assists in everything from asking the right questions to general perspective, analysis, benchmark, follow-up, and so on. 

For example, you can get feedback on your overall annual schedule for planned surveys, your topics and question formulations in a given survey, or your samples and data sources. Moreover, you can get tips for using the systems based on your interests and skills, as well as ideas for engaging your organization, colleagues, and participants.

We tailor your ProjectXact solution to your specific needs.


Use us for continuous sparring

Our customers sometimes call us, for example, when they need a data and insight supplier that equips management to make the right decisions. Whether this is for short- or long-term reasons don’t matter.

Our consultants offer ongoing consultation relevant to the reality you have to navigate — regardless of complexity.

One contact person – hundreds of experts

As a client, you’re assigned a permanent contact person who knows your market and your industry. We draw on over 120 dedicated specialists in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Hamburg.

They draw on their in-depth knowledge of markets, technologies, and methods to create solutions that help organizations of all sizes and industries with sustainable change— for customers, users, employees, and other stakeholders.

Industry knowledge rooted
in the local community

Experience, expertise, and business savvy

Our clients work with us mainly for three reasons:

  • We have extensive methodological expertise and business acumen
  • We are part of an engineering company with 17.000 colleagues spread over 35 countries, and this gives us in-depth knowledge of specific industries and branches
  • We offer IT solutions and IT expertise that contribute to creating the best measurements for your company
Indsigt af brugeroverflade i Xact platformen

The most secure data handling on the market

At Xact by Rambøll we take secure handling of data very seriously. We naturally comply with EU's personal data regulations (GDPR), we ensure anonymity in surveys, and we handle all data in our own data centers, which are secured according to all the rules of the art.

This level of security is one of the reasons the Danish Data Protection Agency has chosen Xact by Rambøll as their solution.

Read more about data security



Need more?
Let us tailor your solution for you

With Xact by Rambøll as the engine and with competent advice and support from the market's best experts, we tailor a solution for you.

Text analysis

Have you received many comments and need an overview of what the comments are about? Our text analysis provides insights into the topics that are important to your target audience (e.g., employees).

Action map

In our action map, we use statistical analysis to explore which factors truly make a difference to your employees, users, or customers. Your situation and survey set the framework for our analysis.

Project consulting

There’s not just one way to solve a task — and there’s not just one way to define a task. We can provide you with a process along with one of our project managers who will develop your practice and offer new perspectives on your surveys.

Phone boost

If the response rate is low, or a certain target group is underrepresented, we launch a telephone campaign to help kickstart the data collection.

The hybrid workplace

Get current insights into how tasks, relationships, and employees’ attachment to the workplace are influenced by the hybrid work format.

Get a personalized demonstration

Even the world's most advanced software isn't worth half as much as a day-old sandwich if the user experience is awkward and unintuitive.

Fortunately, we take great pride in our user-friendly platform and we would love to show you how easily and intuitively you can gain insights and get closer to your stakeholders.

By answering a few questions, we can tailor a personalized demonstration just for you.


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