Patient surveys make a difference for patients and their families

Here, you can learn more about how the Danish Cancer Society (Kræftens Bekæmpelse) and the Norwegian Cancer Society (Kreftforeningen) use Xact by Ramboll.

The Danish Cancer Society and the Norwegian Cancer Society use SurveyXact in their efforts to improve the lives of people affected by cancer.

The reason for this: cancer does not only affect people as an illness – it also brings numerous hospital admissions, treatments and difficult conversations. In other words, the disease triggers a range of processes, which, like all other processes, can be optimised when you know enough about them.

And this is where SurveyXact comes in – as the knowledge gathering tool that ensures the correct handling of sensitive personal information and enables the cancer societies to conduct quick and reliable surveys using their own respondent panels created in SurveyXact

Survey example: ”Relay for life”

Every year, the Danish Cancer Society hosts an event called ”Stafet for livet” ("Relay for life"). The goal is partly to raise funds for the cancer cause and partly to create a forum for people afflicted with cancer and their families, where they can meet others in the same situation.

In order to create the best possible framework for the good cause, the Danish Cancer Society measures everything from the user-friendliness of the event app to whether the event is perceived to make a significant difference in the fight against cancer. It is always possible to improve if you know where to start.


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