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Drive employee engagement, foster leadership development, and nurture organizational culture with our user-friendly platform for all HR-surveys, PeopleXact.

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Founded on solid research and experience

We take pride in our evidence-based approach, employing user-friendly employee experience solutions to provide actionable insights. Our dedication to innovation aligns seamlessly with our commitment to assisting clients on their path to success.

Our system is based on validated engagement and leadership models, and backed by over 20 years of experience working closely with both private sector and public sector clients.

Moreover, as part of the Ramboll Group with over 18.000 employees, we leverage not only the expertise from our own HR-experts but also that of a wide range of experts across all of Ramboll's specialized departments, including data science, sustainability, CSRD, and many more.

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As your full-service strategic partner, we bring with us over two decades of experience, a commitment to excellence, and a proven track record of delivering tangible results.

Clients appreciate our "human touch" whether through our dedicated support personnel or the expertise of our engaged project managers and HR-experts.


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Insight for transformation

Measure engagement, get results

Our platform makes it easy to gather and interpret measurement results in real-time, so you can quickly transform numbers and graphs into action.

As soon as any given survey you’ve set up is concluded, the results are automatically presented in the interactive reporting tool.

It also highlights problem-areas where extra effort is needed and gives concrete suggestions for what you or a department manager can do to increase job satisfaction in the department.

You also gain access to well-tested and effective follow-up tools that support both virtual and physical discourse.

Get started with just a few clicks

At Xact by Ramboll, we redefine the survey experience for you. Our platform offers validated questionnaires featuring standard questions across all our offerings into which you can easily integrate your own.

Tailor your surveys by incorporating department-specific or organization-wide questions.

Leveraging the experience of our experts, our system intelligently offers automated reporting and suggests optimal scheduling, which you can easily customize as per your preferences.

To ensure a high response rate, we empower you to choose the best outreach method, whether it's through e-mail, SMS, digital posts, links, kiosks, and various add-on options—all while maintaining the utmost anonymity and GDPR compliance.

Control the full survey proces




Use data from CRM to segment and automate the distribution of your surveys. Or the other way around — update your systems with data from PeopleXact.

Single sign-on

Tie login to PeopleXact together with your Active Directory. This allows you to automatically manage all employee access to PeopleXact.

Custom domain

Boost response rate, security, and brand value with a custom domain. This makes it easy for your respondents to identify you as the sender.

Two-factor authentication

Increase security with an extra layer. With two-factor authentication your users can log in via SMS or IP-address.

Distribution via digital post

When respondents receive your survey via e-Boks/digital post, they experience it as more secure and trustworthy, which results in a higher response rate.

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Even the world's most advanced software isn't worth half as much as a day-old egg sandwich if the user experience is awkward and unintuitive.

Fortunately, we are quite proud of our user-friendly interface, and our specialized consultants are eager to show you how to easily gain insight for transformation and grow closer to your stakeholders.

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The most secure data handling on the market

At Xact by Rambøll we take secure handling of data very seriously. We naturally comply with EU's personal data regulations (GDPR), we ensure anonymity in surveys, and we handle all data in our own data centers, which are secured according to all the rules of the art. 

This level of security is one of the reasons the Danish Data Protection Agency has chosen Xact by Rambøll as their solution.

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