Committed employees across national borders

PeopleXact – a strong foundation for the continued work with employee commitment and well-being
Nordic Houseware Group is a company in rapid development that is currently implementing a new strategy.

This shift in strategy requires a lot from the employees and comes with big changes for several of them.

"In the strategy, we focus on streamlining and commercialization - but we can only succeed if we also focus on the people in the organization" says Sales Director Nicolai Blicher Frederiksen, who along with the company's CFO, oversees Nordic Houseware Group's work with commitment and work environment.

To achieve this goal, Nordic Houseware Group has chosen to use PeopleXact to measure the commitment among its employees.

Involvement of all employees is a top priority

In Nordic Houseware Group's search for a partner, emphasis has been placed on a simple and theoretically well-founded solution that does not require extensive administrative resources.

With a solution like this, there will be time and energy to focus on the most important aspects: "For us, the work with involvement and follow-up is the most important".


Makes execution and action possible

In addition to involvement and follow-up, execution is also at the forefront at Nordic Houseware Group. The type of information that PeopleXact can contribute with enables action and follow-ups based on clear and useful results.

This exact possibility to execute has been appreciated by the company, as they have been able to follow up on the results and take them further in an agile and dynamic way.

There is also the added upside that the employees have experienced the usefulness and importance of the process: “We have been really good at using the results. We have never before worked so in depth with a survey, and we have created a real involvement of all employees”.

Therefore, the choice fell on PeopleXact, which precisely provides a targeted and user-friendly reporting that identifies the most important focus areas and provides concrete action proposals for the individual manager. In addition, there is an informative knowledge universe that equips the organization for the follow-up work with priorities and improvement activities after the survey.

“We have followed the recommendations from Ramboll. We have departments across national borders, which has meant that some have been physically assembled, while others have been assembled virtually. All employees have been involved in their team's work to find improvement points that they must work on over a 6-month period - then we follow up”

Nicolai Blicher Frederiksen

Sales Director, Nordic Houseware Group

Trust is key

In Denmark, there is generally a trust in the process itself and the fact that one's answers are treated confidentially without the company being able to see individual answers.

However, confidence in the survey is not quite as high in the other countries. For example, in more eastern countries there is a greater skepticism about whether individuals in reality remain anonymous, as well as who can access the information provided.

In regard to this, Nordic Houseware Group has benefited greatly from being able to emphasize the Ramboll Group's foundation, global name and well-respected reputation for creating greater trust among employees.


Intuitive and easy to use

Nordic Houseware Group has found that PeopleXact is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use with good reporting and great support from Ramboll. It has been a great advantage for the company that they have only had to provide the relevant information (such as names, e-mail addresses, language, etc.), after which Ramboll sets it all up so that the company then is able to initiate the investigation.

The opportunity to be able to adapt the desired language to the given respondents is also emphasized by Nordic Houseware Group, as they experience that they get better and more in-depth answers when employees can answer in their local language.

Regarding the overall use of PeopleXact, Nordic Houseware states that: “It was super easy! The reports are adequate and really useful with good graphs. Easy to understand and easy to work with”.

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