Boost engagement with our professional HR-suite

Increase work satisfaction and achieve better results.

When you regularly examine the well-being of employees, you strengthen engagement

PeopleXact gives you a solution that helps your organization boost employee engagement, create opportunities for personal development, and in the end achieve better results.

With a user-friendly interface, PeopleXact simplifies the work of examining workplace happiness and employee engagement, giving you unique insights into your organization with just a few clicks.

At the same time, the system is set up to automatically feed any relevant department concrete, deep-diving reports that help HR and department leaders parse any new insights into actionable results.

This knowledge has often proved invaluable for our customers in retaining employees and ensuring a good working environment.

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”PeopleXact has given us a user-friendly and intuitive platform for engagement evaluations, which helps us focus on the most important areas for improvement — and give us very specific suggestions for next-step actions.”

Louise Milo

HR-manager, FJ Industries

Founded on solid research and experience

Organizations with motivated employees create happy customers and good business results.

PeopleXact is a tried and tested survey framework and a validated model for employee satisfaction surveys, engagement measurements, and workplace evaluations, founded on research-based methods and Rambøll's more than 20 years of experience with HR-measurements.

The goal is to give you valuable insights that are easy to act on and start implementing in your organization.

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Use PeopleXact for all workplace evaluations

Workplace evaluations and other assessments are an organization’s own tools for keeping track of the physical and psychological working environment.

A systematic effort for a better working environment often improves well-being and helps to secure the company's social capital.

With PeopleXact you gain access to pre-fabricated forms and evaluation method hand-made by experts in the fields of HR and workplace happiness. This ensures, regardless of your aim, effective surveys that ask the right questions for the right purposes.

Measure engagement, get results

PeopleXact makes it easy for you to gather and interpret measurement results in real time, so you can quickly transform numbers and graphs into action.

As soon as any given survey you’ve set up is answered, the results are presented in the interactive reporting tool.

PeopleXact also automatically highlights problem-areas where extra effort should be made and gives concrete suggestions for what you or a department manager can do to increase job satisfaction in the department.

In addition to this, you also gain access to well-tested and effective follow-up tools that support both virtual and physical discourse.

Insight for transformation

Full control over surveys — get started with a few clicks

As part of the People Xact package a number of standard questions are preprepared for you in the system, but you’re always free to add tailored questions that are adapted to individual departments.

Based on Rambøll's extensive experience with employee evaluations, the platform sets up a full schedule that you simply oversee and approve. And there you go.

Who participates is naturally also entirely up to you. You may invite participants via a link in an e-mail, by SMS, or by digital post. This helps make it as easy as possible for your target group to access the surveys you create, increasing the chances of participation.



The most secure data handling on the market

At Xact by Rambøll we take secure handling of data very seriously. We naturally comply with EU's personal data regulations (GDPR), we ensure anonymity in surveys, and we handle all data in our own data centers, which are secured according to all the rules of the art. 

This level of security is one of the reasons the Danish Data Protection Agency has chosen Xact by Rambøll as their solution.

Read more about data security here



Need more?
Let us tailor your solution for you

PeopleXact enables you to gather knowledge for transformation — here and now. But sometimes a little extra is needed to create the perfect solution.

With PeopleXact you not only put yourself in the front seat of one the best technical and user-friendly solutions on the market. As part of the tailor-made package, you also gain access to competent advice and support from the world’s best experts.


With ProjectXact you’re assigned a permanent advisor and sparring partners, or when the project demands it, a permanent team that assists in everything from asking the right questions to general perspective, analysis, benchmark, follow-up, and so on.

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Use data from CRM to segment and automate the distribution of your surveys. Or the other way around — update your systems with data from PeopleXact.

Single sign-on

Tie login to PeopleXact together with your Active Directory. This allows you to automatically manage all employee access to PeopleXact.

Custom domain

Boost response rate, security, and brand value with a custom domain. This makes it easy for your respondents to identify you as the sender.

Two-factor authentication

Increase security with an extra layer. With two-factor authentication your users can log in via SMS or IP-address.

Distribution via digital post

When respondents receive your survey via e-Boks/digital post, they experience it as more secure and trustworthy, which results in a higher response rate.

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Even the world's most advanced software isn't worth half as much as a day-old egg sandwich if the user experience is awkward and unintuitive.

Fortunately, we are quite proud of our user-friendly interface, and our specialized consultants are eager to show you how to easily gain insight for transformation and grow closer to your stakeholders.

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