SurveyXact — your shortcut to insight

It’s about more than surveys. It’s about the right insight at the right time and the knowledge to do something about it.

The leading knowledge gathering system on the market

Two thirds of Danish municipalities, the majority of the country's educational institutions, large swaths of the Scandinavian business community, and a large number of other businesses carry out more than 100,000 surveys with SurveyXact every year.

In fact, every 5 minutes a new survey is conducted in SurveyXact.


"A questionnaire is an easy way to gather knowledge and data. We can only recommend SurveyXact."

Janna Ebdrup

Group Sustainability Lead, Jyske Bank

Easy, quick, and intuitive

SurveyXact sets you up to gather knowledge in as little as a few clicks of the mouse. Moreover, you have full design freedom over your surveys and knowledge collection.

The system is built to get you up and running as quickly as possible with a knowledge gathering process based on tried and tested methods that ensure the most reliable result regardless of your aim.

In short: You don't need to be an expert yourself to create a professional survey, but there’s a good chance you’ll quickly become one when you use SurveyXact.



Distribution — the right place at the right time

SurveyXact helps you ask respondents the right questions in the right place at the right time.

Do you want to reach them via e-mail, letter, or smartphone? Do you need to be able to work offline when collecting and/or processing data?

Whatever is right for your particular survey, SurveyXact makes it possible.

Turn knowledge into action

The right survey gives you invaluable knowledge to bring about changes in your organization.

That is, if you’re able to correctly and effectively interpret the results.

Unprioritized data in immense Excel sheets or long reports often create more confusion than clarity.

SurveyXact solves this problem and let you effortlessly create customized reports and dashboards that enable you to act quickly on any newly gained insights.

And you don’t need to be an IT wizard or hold a degree in statistical analysis. Everything is set up to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible while still remaining flexible.

On addition to this, we also offer specialized customer report as well as an extensive library of helpful guides in both written and video format.

Reports and dashboards

Over 20 years of experience with knowledge gathering and analysis

More than two decades ago, SurveyXact was developed as an internal tool for data collection to help Rambøll’s consultants in their work.

But SurveyXact quickly proved such an effective, flexible, and user-friendly tool that Rambøll began selling and sharing it with clients.

Today, SurveyXact is its own entity, and the result is a knowledge gathering system built upon the shoulders of over 20 years of experience with knowledge gathering and analysis in the private, the governmental, and the educational spheres across all of Scandinavia.

And we would love to share both our tools and our expertise with you.


The most secure data handling on the market

At Xact by Rambøll we take secure handling of data very seriously. We naturally comply with EU's personal data regulations (GDPR), we ensure anonymity in surveys, and we handle all data in our own data centers, which are secured according to all the rules of the art.

This level of security is one of the reasons the Danish Data Protection Agency has chosen Xact by Rambøll as their solution.

Read more about data security here



Need more?
Let us tailor your solution for you

SurveyXact enables you to gather knowledge for transformation — here and now. But sometimes a little extra is needed to create the perfect solution.

With SurveyXact you not only put yourself in the front seat of one the best technical and user-friendly solutions on the market. As part of the tailor-made package, you also gain access to competent advice and support from the world’s best experts.


With ProjectXact you’re assigned a permanent advisor and sparring partners, or when the project demands it, a permanent team that assists in everything from asking the right questions to general perspective, analysis, benchmark, follow-up, and so on.

Read more.


Use data from CRM to segment and automate the distribution of your surveys. Or the other way around — update your systems with data from SurveyXact.

Single sign-on

Tie login to SurveyXact together with your Active Directory. This allows you to automatically manage all employee access to SurveyXact.

Custom domain

Boost response rate, security, and brand value with a custom domain. This makes it easy for your respondents to identify you as the sender.


Increase security with an extra layer. With two-factor authentication your users can log in via SMS or IP-address.

Distribution via digital post

When respondents receive your survey via e-Boks/digital post, they experience it as more secure and trustworthy, which results in a higher response rate.

Phone boost:

If the response rate is low, or a certain target group is underrepresented, we launch a telephone campaign to help kickstart the data collection.

Book 1-on-1 demo

Even the world's most advanced software isn't worth half as much as a day-old egg sandwich if the user experience is awkward and unintuitive.

Fortunately, we are quite proud of our user-friendly interface, and our specialized consultants are eager to show you how to easily gain insight for transformation and grow closer to your stakeholders.

Fill out the form on the right, and we’ll tailor a personal demonstration just for you.


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