Learn how to extract even more value out of your surveys — free of charge

We’re very proud of Xact and the possibilities our solutions provide, but they’re not worth a dime, if you, the user, doesn’t know how to get the most out of them.


Which is why, with an Xact license, you also gain access to a large number of courses, which make it easy for you to create results with your knowledge gathering. And this is true whether you are a new user, an experienced user, or want a more advanced course in method and theory.

Every month we arrange three different courses — one for beginners who just want to get started with Xact; one for users who are ready to take their knowledge gathering to the next level; and one for people who want to learn how to present results in a format that provides insight for transformation.

This means that you can become an expert in knowledge gathering without leaving your office chair/armchair/sofa or wherever you prefer to learn more about your stakeholders.

Our courses are held as webinars, so all you need is a stable internet connection and a steaming hot cup of coffee.

Xact offers the following training courses:

The Good Survey

The webinar is an introductory course to SurveyXact and is aimed at people who have not previously worked with SurveyXact. Focus is on creating surveys in SurveyXact and conducting your first survey.


The Advanced Data Collection

Here we delve into the more advanced options for data collection in SurveyXact. Participation in the webinar requires a basic understanding of the use of SurveyXact.


The Good Report

Learn how to better analyze data and create an insightful report that provides the best basis for sustainable transformation.


The Good Question

A course is a training in the planning of your survey and analysis. This includes the development of the questionnaire, design and structure, asking the right questions and using the correct question category as well as testing and adjusting accordingly. 

Please note that courses are only offered in Danish and that it is adviced that you have attended the course "The Good Survey" in advance of the courses "The Advanced Data Collection" or "The Good Report". For information on courses in Norwegian or Swedish, please visit your local website.

Course Material

If you would like to get a taste of the content of the various courses before you sign up, or just need to get started right now, you are welcome to use the course materials.


The material is updated regularly if there are changes in the content of the courses.


Course Material - Please note that courses are only offered in Danish.