Create actionable reports directly in Xact

When you need to convey the results of your survey, you need reports that clearly and effortlessly provide new insights for your organization. 

The reporting tool in Xact by Ramboll allows you to do just that.

Here, you can quickly assemble any report to get the overview needed to act on newly gathered insight. The reporting tool is a modern interface designed for those who understand a well-crafted report is the focal point for creating change.

What is the reporting tool?

Xact by Ramboll's reporting tool is an entirely new reporting engine that offers you a range of new possibilities to build your reports directly in your Xact solution without the need to export to Excel or other programs.

With the reporting tool, you can get started with report building in just a few clicks and easily select or deselect data and figures. Here, you can compose comprehensive, detailed reports that your organization can spend hours delving into, as well as smaller reports that convey your point very precisely.


Create clarity with intelligent visualization

You find the reporting tool in the presentation tab, which welcomes you to a where universe where you can customize the report with the right fonts, shapes, and designs.

You have all the tools needed to work in-depth with the numbers, but you can also create a quick overview report to share with stakeholders.

With the reporting tool's intelligent visualization, your figures get a modern look with auto-generated color scales, a cover page, table of contents, header, and page numbers.

At the same time, the algorithm automatically finds the most relevant figures and can assemble them into an overview report. The tool makes it easy for you to create quick reports, but you can also customize your report down to the smallest detail.


Designed for your needs

Very few players in the industry have made it easy to convey the stakeholder intelligence insights their tools allow you to gather. We address this issue at Xact by Ramboll.

We aim to be second-to-none in the field, and we are advocates of making it easy for you as a user to create reports without using Excel or other complex statistical programs.

Our UX team works with the mindset of involving users to create the best reporting tool in the industry. Therefore, you can expect the reporting tool to continuously improve as we become more knowledgeable about your needs


Accessible results that comply with GDPR

One of the great strengths of the reporting tool is the sharing environment. When you share your results, everything is encrypted in you Xact solution, whether it's a report, a dashboard, or links.

You can share a report publicly if you are sure it does not contain personal data, but it is even easier — and more secure — to share directly with specific users.

We have made it easy and secure to share your results with both existing and new users. For example, you can grant time-limited access to reports, and if you need all your employees to gain insights into your data, you can share a link that provides direct and secure access. This way, you can confidently share your results with relevant stakeholders while complying with GDPR.

The reporting tool also includes enhanced options for web accessibility (WCAG) when publishing web reports.


User-friendly design sets your creativity free

The way you present your results determines whether the audience understands you. And with the reporting tool, you can easily and quickly leave a professional impression on the recipient.

You can put your personal touch on the design with colors, logos, images, and fonts of your choice. You can even set up your reports in landscape view, giving you more space for text and figures when making comparisons or presenting your insights in a widescreen PowerPoint format.

Do you have questions about your options in Xact by Ramboll? Feel free to get in touch or dive  into our online knowledge base.


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