Workplace Assessment

Good for Employees, Good for Business

Fostering a healthy work environment is about more than merely meeting legislative obligations.

It’s also good business.

A positive, health-enhancing workplace safeguards employees against work-related accidents, combats stress-related sick leave, and lowers the turnover rate.

At the same time, it makes your organization more attractive to top-tier talent.

Our Workplace Assessment Solution:

Value Beyond Obligation

Danish law dictates that businesses conduct workplace assessment surveys at least once every three years. But beyond the obligation there’s a great deal to gain by taking care of your workforce.

Skilled employees are drawn to businesses that prioritize their overall well-being. Moreover, employees who notice the company’s commitment to health also develop a deeper connection with the organization, leading to increased engagement.


Combine Surveys

Afraid of survey fatigue in your workforce? Why not combine your workplace assessment with another engagement survey?

Our platform allows you to effortlessly merge everything into a streamlined survey process consisting of engagement data, workplace assessment insights, and other themes.


Effective Implementation

It’s time to act.

More precisely, based on the insights gained from the workplace assessment, our platform makes it easy to develop action plans designed to mitigate potential safety and health issues identified by the survey.


Flexible, Validated Framework

Ramboll’s framework for workplace assessments is designed to be as flexible as possible.

Based on extensive experience, our experts have developed a vast library of different thematic topics that you can seamlessly integrate with your own questions in the workplace assessment.

This way the framework adapts to your unique needs. For office-based businesses, for instance, it makes sense to skip questions about chemical risks and instead replace them with questions related to psychosocial factors such as bullying in the workplace.


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Lifting the Working Environment and the Bottom Line

From Workplace Assessments to Concrete Action

Workplace assessments often uncover insights that can be translated into actionable strategies that have an impact on not only individual employees or departments but the organization as a whole.

As part of a recent examination of abusive behavior in the workplace that we conducted for a medium-sized Danish municipality, it was discovered that responses to the question ‘I feel safe expressing my opinions in my department’ correlated directly with the reported level of bullying in the workplace.

This gave HR something concrete to work with in the fight against abusive behavior.

Get Started with But a Few Clicks

A workplace assessment analysis need not to be a complex process.

Our well-tested platform is designed to streamline the data-gathering work, the reporting process, and finally, facilitate effective implementation of gained insights. This ensures that HR and department managers save time and can focus on the things that matter most.

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