Pulse Surveys

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

Pulse surveys elevate your employee engagement strategy and add a new dimension the traditional annual surveys.

Annual employee surveys examine a wide range of important factors, but due to their size and resource-intensive approach, they risk quickly growing outdated amidst organizational developments.

Here pulse surveys offer more regular, less time-consuming feedback on specific topics that allows HR and management to act rather than react to developing issues.

Our Pulse Survey Solution:

Keeps Data Up-to-Date

Pulse surveys allow you to tailor questionnaires to the current situation in the organization and take timely action for a more dynamic and responsive engagement strategy.

When you prepare even the simplest tomato soup, you likely do several taste tests along the way, salting and spicing the soup as it simmers on the stove. This is crucial to get the planned outcome. Pulse surveys act as precisely those taste tests for HR, helping them update anything from minor initiatives to the over-arching engagement strategy.


Pulse Surveys Save Time

Pulse surveys are not only quick, often taking under 5 min. for employees to complete; they also help sharpen organizational focus.

Frequent short surveys elevate attention to strategically important areas and initiatives, allowing for active monitoring and management of business-critical topics. Furthermore, it motivates departmental managers to stay up to date on new initiatives and action plans on a daily or weekly basis, which in turn gives them more insight to measure and adjust their leadership strategies.


Provides Early Warnings

Regular pulse measurements are your canaries in the coalmine, warning of potential issues before they escalate into a problem. This allows HR to be proactive rather than reactive.

Moreover, frequent assessments offer more opportunities to gauge the efficacy of implemented measures, which supports continuous learning and affords HR and managers the freedom to learn from past successes as well as missteps.


Pulse Surveys Boost Engagement

Consistent feedback tailored toward specific areas facilitates the establishment of more precise and action-oriented goals.

This, in turn, fosters motivation for change and goal achievement across the entire department or organization. It allows HR as well as managers and employees to focus on reaching smaller, more readily achievable goals while it also leaves more time for regular follow-ups.


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Insights to Act On

Automated, Actionable Reporting

PeopleXact’s intuitive platform let’s you set up and launch tailor-made pulse surveys to targeted teams as well as across the entire organization. And it does so with only a few clicks of a button.

Our platform also provides HR and any departments you designate with automated, action-oriented reports as well as both internal and external benchmarks. This makes it easy to pin-point areas of excellence and areas in need of improvement.

Tailor-Made Surveys

We distinguish between two types of pulse surveys:

  • Organizational Pulse examines employee engagement, well-being, and varying other strategic topics across the organization as a whole. As a result, these are particularly relevant for HR and department managers.

  • Team Pulse examines a targeted team, department, or other smaller parts of the operation where teams and departments can work on the issues themselves. These tend to require even less preparatory work, since they don’t involve as many employees and initiatives don’t affect the entire organization.


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