360 feedback​: Mirror mirror on the wall

In an ever-evolving market, with new technology, new competitors, changing competency requirements, and shifting employee expectations, there is an ongoing need for a strong focus on leadership development.

"If you consider finished developing your leaders, then you're finished."

The new generation of leaders is acutely aware of this dynamic. They anticipate that the organization will facilitate their development in their leadership roles.

"How can I become the best version of myself" may sound like a cliché, but those of us working closely with leaders see that this attitude is an instinctual reflex in today's emerging leaders.

To meet these expectations and tap into the significant potential of such a proactive approach, effective yet qualified development processes are required.

The organization must create an environment where development is seamlessly integrated into core tasks. Leadership development no longer primarily occurs during biannual intensive sessions at conference hotels.

Development is ongoing – happening all the time.


However, this does not mean that leaders should be left on their own to foster development.

In order for the feedback process to yield the desired effects, it must be structured within a framework. Results should be interpreted through dialogue, translating them into objectives with corresponding support and facilitation.

A structured assessment methodology will assist the leader in receiving feedback from various stakeholder groups without allowing individual opinions to dominate the picture (as often happens in an everyday setting). 

It's not uncommon for leaders to be surprised by the feedback when everyone's voice is given equal weight in the assessment.

The method also ensures that all evidence-based aspects of effective leadership are covered in the summary, rather than just what those around the leader have been focused on during a given timeframe.


Enhancing your understanding of how you come across to others is one of the main goals of a 360-degree feedback process.

This insight empowers you to make conscious choices about how you wish to act in the future, based on the effects you aim to achieve.

Arnt O. Storeng

Managing Consultant

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