Building a healthy workplace

A professional business acknowledges its responsibility to ensure a good and health-promoting workplace.

The frameworks for promoting good job-related health are anchored in the legislation, but the advantage of a healthy work environment goes beyond being a mere obligation.

Those who have favourable conditions and see that the company takes health seriously also develop a stronger connection to the organization and exhibit greater engagement.

In our workplace assessment service, we provide a robust framework for identifying risk factors, both related to the type of risk present and where within the organization these risks are located.

The assessment maps both the physical side of the work environment as well as the psychosocial side of it. Since different workplaces have varying risk factors, our tools are modular, allowing you to customize the questionnaire to suit your organization's needs.


Using the individual employee as an observer of their daily work environment your get a detailed mapping showing where several individuals confirm the same risk factor.

Based on the seriousness of the incident and the amount of people experiencing the hazard your reports guides you in how to prioritize where to set in actions first.

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