Guide: Questions for your Customer Satisfaction Survey

Are you unsure what the questions in a Customer Satisfaction Survey might look like?

The questions should be seen as examples of what you can choose to ask customers about in a questionnaire. 

It is important to stress that the questions should be adapted to your specific business and its current needs and situation. 

Which questions you choose in any given scenario depends on several different points: 

  • Are you intending a short, event-specific Customer Satisfaction Survey or an annual strategy-related Customer Satisfaction Survey? 
  • Is your customer segment business-to-business or business-to-consumer? 
  • What does your delivery to the customer involve – a product, a project, a service or advice? 

Examples of questions in a Customer Satisfaction Survey

We have compiled a number of possible questions below: 

Overall satisfaction 

  • Based on your total experience with [X], how satisfied are you overall? 
  • NPS: How likely are you to recommend [X] to family, friends and colleagues? 

Agreements and information 

  • [X] respected the agreements entered into with me 
  • I felt well informed during our cooperation 


  • [X]'s employees are skilled and professional in their field 
  • [X]'s employees quickly follow up on my inquiries 

Products and advice 

  • [X]'s products are of high quality 
  • [X] gives me valuable advice 

Closing comment field 

  • What is especially good about working with [X]? 
  • What could be better about working with [X]? 



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