Denmark's most democratic municipality?

Holbæk Municipality's citizen panel

Satisfied citizens require politicians who listen. But politicians can only listen if they actually know what the citizens are saying.

That's why Holbæk Municipality has used SurveyXact to create a representative citizen panel which can be asked about everything the municipality needs to know in order to make the right decisions.

For example, the citizen panel has been involved in determining what to prioritize to ensure that the busses fulfil the publics need for transportation in Holbæk and the surrounding area. The response from the citizen panel has also been used to revise specific bus routes. 

In addition, the panel – which the municipality runs with input from SurveyXact's consultants – has provided valuable insight into everything from job opportunities for young people to parking spaces in Holbæk city centre.

Welcome to citizen engagement in the 21st Century.


Holbæk Municipality uses:

  • SurveyXact's integrated panel module with own panelists.

  • Consultancy support for the recruitment of new panelists.

  • Training courses on using SurveyXact.

  • Ongoing communication with and advice from Rambøll's consultants.



For more information

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