When "have a good trip" isn't just wishful thinking

A passenger is also a user, and that's why TÆNK – Passagerpulsen (THINK – The Passenger Pulse) constantly strives to find ways to ensure you get the best possible experience when using public transport in Denmark.

This is partly achieved though a large passenger panel created in SurveyXact, and also through passenger representatives. These special passenger representatives have, for example, visited Danish train stations to investigate whether travel companies provide sufficient information about the travel time guarantees they have to meet.

For this purpose, the passenger representatives used SurveyXact's offline data collection capability, as this also allowed them to visit small, far-flung stations with no public WiFi access.

The collected data has since been used in the dialogue with politicians and travel agencies. It has also been used for PR purposes to highlight the conditions you are exposed to when travelling in Denmark.


Passagerpulsen uses:

  • Offline app to obtain responses without internet access.

  • Integrated panel module with own panelists.

  • Development of own responsive design for surveys.

For more information

If you would like to know more about how Passagerpulsen uses SurveyXact, please contact us.