Visualize your data with interactive Dashboards

A questionnaire-based survey gives you priceless knowledge which enables you to create changes in your organization. If you can decode the results.

Unprioritized data in large Excel-files or long reports create more disturbance than clarity. That’s why SurveyXact serves your results in an easy manageable Dashboard where all data is prioritized and enables you to act on your new knowledge.

What are Dashboards?

Dashboards is an analytical tool that gives you an overview of your most important data in one prioritized tab. With Dashboards you can present the most important data from one survey or you can include and compare data from multiple surveys. Dashboards underlines the message you want to convey, and it gives you a quick overview so that you can report central figures directly to the management.


Data visualization gives you opportunities for action

With only a few clicks you can create diagrams, figures and lists that visualize results from your survey in real time. The dynamic Live Dashboard-function keeps you updated 24/7 so that you can spot the difficulties the moment they occur. That’s why Dashboards are ideal for event-based surveys. Is your company lacking customer satisfaction performance or are your Net Promoter Score declining? Through your Dashboard it’s easy to spot the development and quickly act before the problem evolves.




Dashboards enables you to control your key figures and keep an overview on your KPI’s — you don’t have to be an analytical expert or IT-guru. Watch how it works in the video:


Professional design build upon a customer friendly platform

The effectiveness of a Dashboard can be measured on the design. The way you present your insights decides whether the target group understands your figures. The four elementary elements in the optimal Dashboard-design includes; content, layout, color and fonts.

You can find your Dashboard under the presentation-tab where SurveyXact provides you a selection of design proposals which gives a professional expression and a layout which fulfills all your needs for visualization. You choose the layout yourself in order to get exactly the data you need. With only one click you can browse the full datasheet and dive into the individual answers.

You can put your personal touch on colors and fonts that you wish to use. The user-friendly design makes Dashboards an obvious replacement of classic presentation tools like PowerPoint.


Share your results safely and comply with GDPR

When sharing your Dashboard, you immediately create transparency. You can rest assured sharing your data with relevant stakeholders. If you need to share your insights with all your employees, you can share a link which gives direct and safe access to your results. It’s also possible to set a time limit and if your Dashboard contains sensitive personal information you can share your insights with specifically chosen users and thereby comply with GDPR.

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