When can I use EngageXact?

You can use EngageXact for many different purposes. EngageXact can be relevant virtually every time you want to gather a group of people to get views, ideas and suggestions to solve a particular problem. EngageXact is your digital bulletin board.  


Among other things, you can use the tool for:

  • User involvement:  
    EngageXact is an ideal platform for engaging users in decision-making, gathering feedback about products and services, and understanding their needs and desires.  
  • Citizen involvement:  
    EngageXact can support citizen-driven projects and policy initiatives by collecting opinions and suggestions from local communities and citizens. It can also be used to engage citizens in public initiatives and projects. 
  • Customer satisfaction survey:  
    If you want to identify areas of potential improvements and specific actions, EngageXact can help you create targeted surveys and dialogs. This allows you to collect qualitative data and assess how your customers experience your products or services. 

With EngageXact, you get a platform that helps your organization involve stakeholders and create change together.

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  • Employee engagement and feedback:  
    EngageXact is an effective way to identify areas where improvements are needed, as well as specific employee suggestions for how improvements can be achieved. By creating targeted employee surveys, you can engage your employees and understand their views. 
  • Educational and teaching purposes:  
    EngageXact can also be used in the education sector to evaluate teaching methods and collect feedback from students and parents. 
  • Product and concept testing:  
    Before launching a new product or concept, EngageXact can help you test potential ideas, features or design elements. This allows you to receive direct feedback from the target audience and make adjustments before the product reaches the market. 
  • Decision-making processes of organizations:  
    EngageXact can support organizational decisions by gathering data and opinions from decision-makers. This can provide a solid basis for making informed choices and developing strategies with greater impact. 
  • Change management: 
    When organizational changes occur, EngageXact can help engage and involve stakeholders to understand their opinions, concerns and suggestions for improvement. 
  • Follow-up and evaluation: 
    After events, webinars, courses or workshops, EngageXact can help collect evaluations and ratings to understand the participants’ experience and benefits. In this way, areas with the potential for improvement can be identified. 

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  • Crowdsourcing: 
    By engaging a broad group of people, you can identify significant trends that the organization must respond to in some way (e.g. must-win-battles). 
  • Diversity and inclusion among employees: EngageXact can support surveys and initiatives aimed at understanding and promoting diversity and inclusion among employees. 


This is just a selection of the many ways EngageXact is used. The tool offers a wide range of opportunities to collect data, promote dialog and make informed decisions in a variety of situations.